“Teach a child the art of thinking and you will be a part of the change”

Ms. Saryu Dahiya is an educator who strongly believes that a child must be accorded the opportunity to think about the concepts and solve the problems differently on their own. She presumes that a teacher should act as a facilitator, allowing students to offer suggestions and permit room for collective discussions.

Ms. Dahiya has been in the field of education, serving as a major source of transformation to various schools for over a decade and half, she has an extensive understanding of mathematics and has provided guidance and support to students. She also holds mentoring sessions for teachers to equip them with new teaching strategies and pedagogies.

She has worked with esteemed organizations like

The Shri Ram School- Aravali, Gurgaon, Sherwood College, Nainital

The Pinegrove School, Kasauli, G D Goenka, Indore

The Millennium School, Indore.

A graduate in Mathematics (Hons) from Lady Shri Ram College

(Delhi University), Ms. Dahiya holds B.Ed. degree from IGNOU. She has also done her Master’s in Business management from Deakin University, IDP Education, APESMA, Australia.

Apart from academic, Ms. Dahiya has interests in sports; she has represented her school and college in table tennis and plays lawn tennis too. She has dabbled in painting, sketching and writing. Travelling is one of her favorite interest; she enjoys exploring and discovering new places.

Ms. Dahiya truly represents a great teacher, she has deep knowledge and command on her subject, her classrooms are engaging, she keeps herself updated with concepts, is an excellent motivator and possesses caring attitude towards her students.