“Sometimes you just know it’s time to start something new and of new beginnings.”

The founder of Advait Academy,Ms. Saryu Dahiya had a flourishing career in a big city like Hyderabad, but she realized, home is her calling and without giving a second thought she got back to her home town Karnal, Haryana. Being an educator, she thought that the best way she could contribute to the development and progress of her people is to educate the aspirants who wish to pursue their dreamsabroad. With this view in mind she founded Academy for IELTS, for coaching and mentoring the young minds.


Hello everyone!
Welcome to Advait Academy.. I am Saryu Dahiya, founder of the academy.

The first course offering we bring to you at Advait Academy is of IELTS preparation.
We all know IELTS is a proficiency test of English language for all non natives applying to live or study abroad.

This test is centred around how well you can comprehend English, how well you can read and write in English, and most importantly, how good you are in expressing your thoughts and ideas in English.

In my vast educational experience across India, I have learnt that the learning graph for each individual is different and the educational input has to be customized to it for optimal results.

Here at Advait Academy, we first begin by understanding where exactly a student stands currently in required parameters and then pick and choose our inputs to student’s best advantage.

We believe everyone has their core strengths and providing focused inputs will help them achieve proficiency faster and ace the test with flying colors.

I invite students and parents to come meet us, see our working and give us an opportunity to contribute towards your brighter future.

Thank you and look forward to seeing you at the academy.